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  • MassCore not supported on Core2Duo with Pyramix v10 Minimum requirement is a QuadCore.
  • MassCore is supported under Windows 7 (64bit).
  • MassCore/RAVENNA is only supported under Windows 7. Do not try XP installation.
  • The MassCore NET-MSC-GBEX1 PCIe Ethernet card is supported under Windows 7 (64bit).
  • The Mykerinos cards are not supported under 64bit OS.
  • MassCore multi-core support option is only available with MassCore SMP key.
    The key will enable the VS3 Control Panel option for Core allocation, to enhance the MassCore engine performance.
    Slider allows the user to choose the repartitions of Cores.
    Merging recommends that you allocate at least 2 Cores for Windows (with Quad Core or i7 configurations).
    In MassCore RAVENNA mode the Core1 will always be dedicated to I/Os and the other Cores will share the audio processing.
    Current MassCore version allows up to 8 Core allocations.
  • Can run with Hyperthreading enabled.
    By default 2 Cores will be assigned to MassCore, as we leave a pair number of Cores for Windows.
    Merging recommends Hyperthreading users to run with the MassCore SMP key.
  • MassCore - RTX64 license is bay default tied to one specific computer, opposite to the other Merging licenses.
    A solution exists for users who would which to have their MassCore/RTX 64bit keys on a  second Dongle, instead of having it linked to a unique system.
    Option SSK-HUD-RTX. Please contact a Merging sales partner office near you.