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VS3 RendererMax sampling rate
Declick*DXD/384 Khz
Decrackle*DXD/384 Khz
Dehiss*DXD/384 Khz
Dethump*DXD/384 Khz
Retouch*DXD/384 Khz
  • High track count (above 10 tracks in DXD/384 Khz and above 24 tracks @ 4FS) causing stalls and graphic issues, Cedar investigating.Playback/Render : 64 track support as of Cedar v7.3


VS3 PluginMax sampling rateMax Channels
Alchemist v3DXD/384 Khz8
BitterSweet v3DXD/384 Khz8
BitterSweet Pro v3DXD/384 Khz8
Elixir v3DXD/384 Khz8
Epure v3DXD/384 Khz8
IrcamTools Verb v3*DXD/384 Khz8
IrcamTools VerbSession v3*DXD/384 Khz2
Pure Dynamics v3DXD/384 Khz8
Solera v3DXD/384 Khz8
Syrah v3DXD/384 Khz8