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Merging made sure that nobody can overdrive its Line inputs (capable of accepting up to + 24 dBu for 0 dBFS) nor overdrive their existing Analogue equipment when connected to HORUS/HAPI Line Outs (+ 18 dBu for 0 dBFS) with Default ex-factory settings.It's however extremely simple to either increase the sensitivity of your HORUS/HAPI Line Inputs (from +24 dBu to +18 dBu) by setting a Line Input Gain of 6 dB on all your Line inputs) or alternatively increase by 6 dB your HORUS/HAPI Line Outputs (from +18 dBu to +24 dBu) by changing the Dip switch settings on the Line Output cards (refer to the HORUS/HAPI User Manuals). Either way you will then be able to enjoy an almost 1/1 level correspondence after applying one of the above described change

The DA8 and DA8P modules feature both hardware level settings and a software fine adjustment to align the Analog Output levels to whatever local/organization operational levels are mandated.
On DA8/DA8P cards from run 7 upwards, the hardware level setting is done via software through the option “max output level” in each DA’s setting page, allowing either + 24 dBu or 18 dBu max level.
On DA8/DA8P cards prior to run 7 the hardware level setting is in the form of 4 DIP switches per output channel (refer to the Horus or Hapi User Manual for more details)
The Hardware settings will usually be set only once, at product installation, and only if the desired Operating Line Level differs from the default ex-factory settings of +18 dBu for 0 dBFS.


Does HORUS/HAPI have a DA circuit that differs from the Sphynx-2? Will I get different sound if I will put Sphynx II to HORUS/HAPI digital input and try to compare?


The HORUS/HAPI are protected against such a case. It is not recommended but the HORUS/HAPI DA output supports 48V, if driven through 6.8 kOhms resistors, as typically used in Phantom power designs.



the DA outputs DC coupled?

All of the Merging DA8 outputs are  DC Coupled.