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  • Install Pure Analyzer from the Flux Center (do not install Flux Bonjour option if you plan on using this on a Pyramix system)
    By default Flux Sound Grabber VST will be installed as well
  • Launch Pyramix and scan the plugin, as any VST plugin.
  • MassCore system : in Pyramix settings > Hardware > MassCore > VST Plugins engine, select your VST buffer size (example 1024)
    Native system : VST Buffer is the same site as your ASIO device buffer.
  • Put the Sound Grabber VST on the Bus output you want to use and set a password (pull the line)
  • Launch the FluxTAnalyzer-f64-x64.exe standalone application (can be found here C:\Program Files\Flux\\Contents\x64)
  • On the Flux Analyzer select the Source. The source should get detected by the Pure Analyzer (name written on the Sound Grabber VST)
  • Go to the Pure Analyzer Settings and put the same Password
  • Go to the Pure Analyzer IO settings if you want to configure multichannels.

The drawback could be that this workflow could be very demanding on resources in high FS, like DXD.