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Additional tips:

  • To remove all the connections on several devices, select the required devices.
    Then go in the Action menu, and select Clear Selected Connections.
  • To clear all the connections on your network, go in the Action menu and select Clear All Connections.
    As this removes ALL connections between ALL the devices, you have to confirm this action, use with caution !
  • To save a connection preset, select the required devices then go in the Action Menu and select Save Connections.  
    If no devices are selected, the whole network connection state will be saved.
  • To recall a connection preset, go in the Action Menu and select Recall Connections.
    This will apply the saved connections on the already existing connections, meaning that some I/O may already be in use.
    In that case a Clear Selected Connections might be required before recalling the connections.
  • To change the color or remove a Zone, SHIFT + right click on it to show its contextual menu.
  • To access a device web app, right click on its icon in the World / Pinned view to access its contextual menu.
  • Info Box : at any time you can get information on a connection by hovering the cursor on the connection in the Matrix view.
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  • TimeCode can only be connected to MassCore devices.
    For ASIO or CoreAudio/VAD, see their respective guides
  • To quickly delete connections with a device that is no longer present (and therefore that you can't select), right click on the modules top row and select Delete receiver.

  • Current limitation : the inputs and outputs cannot be renamed in ANEMAN
  • Current limitation : ANEMAN cannot set the devices framing/latency.