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Since V11, RAVENNA Easy Connect has been replaced with ANEMAN.  
For more details and advanced features, please consult the ANEMAN User ManualEasy Connect is still available as a legacy product.

For Easy Connect troubleshooting, see this page.

  1. Start the ANEMAN appication RAVENNA Easy Connect  application
    On Windows, click on the ANEMAN RAVENNA Easy Connect shortcut on your desktop Image Removeddesktop (for versions prior to V11) or browse to C:/Program Files/Common Files/Merging Technologies/VS3/RAVENNA Easy Connect
    On Mac OS, click on the ANEMAN button from the Merging RAVENNA/AES67 panel in your System Preferences.
    Image Removed
    In the World view (by default, on the left hand side), locate your computer.
    Depending on the platform you use, it will be named MassCore, ASIO, or CoreAudio with your computer name between brackets.
    Drag your computer icon in the Pinned Zone.

    Now locate your RAVENNA/AES67 device in the world view, and drag it in the Pinned zone.

    TipTip :
    To easily ensure that all the devices are running at the same sampling rate, add a sampling rate zone. Image Removed
    It will show up as a blue square in the pinned zone, now drag your 2 devices in that zone.Image Removed
    Now you need to select which device will be the master, in a simple setup you should select your computer.
    Drag it on the Crown icon at the top of the Sampling Rate zone, it will become green to show you the Master device.
    Image RemovedSelect both devices, this will populate the Matrix View on the right.
  2. You can make now make connections between the devices:
    Click in the Matrix to connect a RAVENNA device inputs and outputs on your computer, the connections will first appear light green.Image Removed
    Once you have prepared the required connections, click on Apply ChangesImage Removed
    ANEMAN will now make the connections between the devices, the connections will turn green to confirm the connections are established and working. Image Removed

    Tip :
    If a module is collapsed, ANEMAN will connect all its channels at a time.  If it is uncollapsed, you can connect individual channels.
    To collapse / uncollapse all modules from a device, hold Shift and click on Image Removed the icon.
  3. To disconnect a stream, click on the required connection in the Matrix, the connections will turn light red.
    Click on Apply changes, the connection will be removed.



Additional tips:


  1. on  browse to Applications > Merging Technologies Folder and launch RAVENNA Easy Connect

  2. Easy Connect will be automatically populated with the detected devices.
    The left side is your local computer device, MassCore, ASIO or Core Audio, depending on th platform you use.
    The right side are the accessible devices on your network.
    Image Added

  3. Uncollapse the inputs and outputs on the network device side, to display the available I/Os.

    Image Added

  4. Select the inputs and outputs you need to connect on the network device - right side (use CTRL or SHIFT to select several I/O).
    Click on Connect Selected.
    The local computer - left side will be populated with the connected I/Os.

    Image Added

  5. To disconnect an I/O, select it on the  on the network device - right side.
    And click on Disconnect Selected.




  • To easily ensure that all the devices are running at the same sampling rate, tick the Easy-Force all connected devices.
  • If you have several computers, only use the Easy-force option on the Master device, not on slave computer devices!
    Easy Connect has been designed to connect 1 computer to 1 (or more) network device(s), but not for complex setup. In that case ANEMAN is highly recommended.
  • TimeCode can only be connected to MassCore devices.
    For ASIO or CoreAudio/VAD, see their respective guides