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It is possible to synchronise your VCube with a DAW on another computer using the Midi Time Code synchronisation.
Please note that VCube does not generate LTC or MTC.


A RJ45 ethernet cable between both computers on a different network than the Ravenna network

The rtpMIDI software installed on your PC computer


  1.  On Mac, open the Audio MIDI Setup app, go into the MIDI Studio > Network, create a new Session and connect the Directory bearing the name of the system you wants to synchronise with,

    In your DAW, choose for MTC Reader and Generator Ports the Apple MIDI Session you've just created

    example in Pro Tools, go into Setup > Peripherals to enable the Apple MIDISession for MTC

    example in Logic Pro X, go into File > Projects Settings > Synchronisation > MIDI to enable the Apple MIDISession for MTC

    Pro Tools 12

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    Logic Pro X

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