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Pyramix V11.1.6 / Ovation 7.1.6/ VCube 7.1.6, or above, and MassCore RTX3.6.2 are required to run Windows 10 October Update.
Previous Pyramix / MassCore versions will not work.


titleMultiple Boot users

This update will rename and potentially change the Windows Boot menu entries. You can perform a backup of your boot menu:
Download and install Visual BCD Editor.
Launch Visual BCD, and browse to Store > Backup store. Then save the file in a safe place.
Once Windows has been updated, launch Visual BCD and browse to Store > Import Store. Import the previously saved file.
Proceed with caution, Windows may not start anymore in case of wrong manipulation.
Merging will not be hold responsible in case of issues using Visual BCD Editor.


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To update to October 2018 Update (1809), go on Microsoft Update page and click on Update Now.
Microsoft Update assistant will be downloaded, launch it and follow the instructionsinstall the update with Windows updates.
Your computer will have to restart several times, this can take a while.
Note : if you would rather use the regular Windows Updates mechanism, the Defer updates policy will apply, and you may not be able to obtain the latest Windows version.


Browse now to Microsoft > Windows > Windows Defender.
Right click on the Windows Defender Scheduled tasks and select Properties.
in the Conditions tab, set it to Start only if the computer is idle, and Stop if the computer ceases to be idle



The update enables Windows Network Throttling, that can cause issues on the network bandwidth.
Please open Merging RAVENNA ASIO control panel, the setting will be automatically modified, and the application will give you a confirmation message.
Reboot the computer after the change has been made. 


Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809) requires ChangeMe version 5.25.8.  Previous versions will not work on Win10 1809.
Follow the installation instruction on this page to update.