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  • For installation information please refer to the Ovation V9 Installation Guide. LINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • New save special as v7
    Ovation v8 Ovation v9 shows are not backward compatible with Ovation 7.x, users must perform a Save Special > Save Show as Version 7 in order to open such show in Ovation 7.x
    Note: Ambisonic v8 & 9 Shows are not fully compatible with Ovation v7
  • Ovation Launch: Be patient before opening show, wait until Ovation is fully launched, as screen can become unresponsive during Ovation Startup.Custom installation not recommended, under certain scenario some components will not install correctly (registration dll error).
  • Ambisonic support : Ambisonic Bus channel types cannot be changed.
  • Ambisonic support: Panner Divergence control has no effect in Ambisonic Encoding/Panning for now
  • Ambisonic support: Pyramix Mixer currently does not allow multichannel connections for an Ambisonic input Strip for remote MicPre.
    Please use the Web Access PreAmps page for Horus and Hapi

  • MTFF file format is not suitable for ultimate performance. Please in such case use BWF/WAVE.
  • Merging recommends that all cues are at the Show sampling rate for best performance.
  • Merging recommends for the best performance that all media cues are played from SSDs if RAID configuration is required.Mixer Dynamic Automation Known limitations:

    The following mixing console components of the mixing console supported by Ovation dynamic automation are:
    • Faders
    • Panning Control
    • VS3 plug-ins
    • VST plug-ins

    The following mixing console components are NOT supported by Ovation dynamic automation:
    • General Mixing Busses controls
    • Legacy busses controls and panners
    • Masters