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Many ASIO host do not handle DSD sampling rates, and may even prevent some to start.
Therefore, when Merging Audio Device is set as Master ASIO Host, DSD sampling rates are not accessible.
If you need to run DSD, then please set your ASIO DAW as Master ASIO Host in the Merging Audio Device panel (and press Apply).
Then set the required DSD sampling rate from your ASIO/DAW.
For Pyramix with MAD driver (Native mode), please remember that real-time sampling rate conversion on the inputs is not available ; recording ADs set in DSD mode is not possible in a DXD project (MassCore only feature).

Please note also that the MAD - WDM bridge also do not handle DSD sampling rates (disabled while running in DSD).

MassCore - MAD

When MAD is running in MassCore mode, the Sampling Rate is determined by the MassCore, ASIO hosts running the MAD driver must follow the MassCore sampling rate.
As all inputs and outputs are handled by MassCore, no MAD-ASIO node will be displayed in Aneman.
Please note that some ASIO host may require specific buffer sizes and/or framing (AES67-48/Ravenna-64).  E.g. ProTools only supports 64-based buffer sizes  (no AES67-based buffer sizes).

Additional notes