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  • Turn off and remove the Thunderbolt/Firewire networking when not using their port for a network connection, unless of course using an Network INterface connected to those ports for your RAVENNA/AES67 network. 
  • If you have two network interfaces use one dedcated dedicated to the RAVENNA/AES67 network and use the second Ethernet connection instead of the built-in Wi-Fi for internet access.
  • If internet access is required and you’re using network devices like Eucon Controllers, choose an Ethernet/Thunderbolt connection for the devices and Wi-Fi for internet access.
  • When using the built-in Wi-Fi for Remote Control, then choose the Ethernet/Thunderbolt network connections for internet access.
  • On the network interface connected to the RAVENNA/AES67 network, make sure Duplex setting is set to full-duplex (and not full-duplex, energy-efficient ethernet), and Speed is 1000baseT.
    Those settings can be access in the Advanced > Hardware tab.

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Set Ravenna Network Service Order first