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Example: If Anubis A peers the the Hapi AD1 (Slot 1) the Anubis B will not be able to peer the AD1 (Slot 1) but rather the AD2 (Slot 2) or any unpeered module


Can a Hapi or Horus


module be available for 2 different Anubis to monitor, output and mix in low latency?

While As of firmware v1.2.2 build 47903 and above two Anubis cannot can peer the same input module. Meaning that the AD1 of the Hapi could not be peered by the Anubis-A and the Anubis-B at the same time is not a big deal here. Because the Anubis-A can peered a Hapi AD1 and then the Anubis-B can peer the Anubis-A-Peered AD1

Procedure example

  1. Anubis-A Peers the Hapi AD1
  2. The Anubis-B peers the Anubis-A peered module AD1 
  3. The Anubis-B can then mix any other input with the peered AD1. While of course the Anubis-A can do the same as well since it had peered the Hapi AD1 in the first place.

The Advantage of this workflow is that you now have a second Reverb and additional processing (EQ+Dynamics) that you can use in Anubis-B.

But its important to know that an output module cannot be peered by two different Anubis. So the Anubis- A cannot peer the Hapi Headphones while the Anubis -B also peers the same Hapi Headphones, in this case the last one peering the output module will take over this one.

Music Mission Schematic

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