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Despite the fact that the NADAC comes with its own driver and that it is targeting an audiophile market, nothing prevents you from using a NADAC over a RAVENNA network built around Merging’s Pro Audio products (Horus, Hapi,…). This has been more and more popular for Mastering suites or for extending the Multichannel output count of your current NADAC.
In such case we'd recommend that you rather use our latest RAVENNA Pro ASIO Driver (Windows) or Virtual Audio Device (MacOS) instead of the NADAC ASIO or CoreAudio Driver. Merging’s ANEMAN (available as a stand alone installer from ANEMAN.NET) will enable you to discover your RAVENNA devices and make the desired IO connections.
Note: Your driver and other RAVENNA devices (Horus/Hapi) should be set to a frame mode of 64 samples, it is recommended that you avoid using the NADAC ASIO Driver (that is unicast driver).  We also recommend to use a managed (and properly configured) network switch.