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Merging Audio Device driver users :
Merging recommends you set your Main Media Player as Master ASIO Host in the Merging Audio Device panel, to avoid untimely sampling rate changes from other players.
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If you want to run at a fixed sampling rate, then please set Merging Audio Device as your Master ASIO Host.  In such case you may need to configure your Media Player to convert to the set sampling rate.
When your MERGING+ device is in DSD sampling rate, the driver mixing features are disabled, and the WDM audio is not available.



The MERGING+NADAC ASIO driver (Windows 7 or 10) OR Merging Audio Device driver (Windows 10) is installed and configured.
To install a program, you need to have Administrator rights on the computer.
Depending on your Windows Edition, you may need to enter your password to install Emotion.