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On the NADAC PLAYER front panel there is a blinking red stop mark: 


That means the embedded CPU didn’t start.
It can be an indication that it’s either dead or couldn’t boot because of a USB disk or stick plugged in the USB ports on the back that has a boot bit enabled but no OS to boot on.

  • Unplug any USB device, shut down your NADAC Player and restart it. Then plug any USB device back.
    Please see this page for further details on how to fix such USB drive issue.
  • If this does not help, shutdown the unit, remove the network connector and restart the unit.
    Go in the MERGING+PLAYER Setup menu > Network and make sure the IP setting is on "Auto".
    Restart the unit if you had to change this setting.
  • If after several shutdown, it still do not start properly, please contact your reseller.