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  1. On the "left pannel" menu click on "MULTICAST"

  2. The menu will expand to show the MULTICAST options.
    Click on "IPV4 Multicast Configuration" to expand it.

  3. Click on "IGMP SNOOPING" and the following show open up on the right pane.

  4. Tick the "IGMP SNOOPING STATUS" to "ENABLE" and then click on "APPLY"

  5. On the "IGMP SNOOPING TABLE", click on the radio button to select the only one present and then click on "EDIT"

  6. A new window will pop up with this screen....

  7. Tick the following options: (as shown in the picture) and click APPLY

  8. It will then say its a SUCCESS and that you should save this to make it permanent.
    Click the link "COPY/SAVE CONFIGURATION" in order to do that.

  9. Now we will find our selfs in the save configuration menu, just click "APPLY"

    That is it for IGMP configuration.



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