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By default, our config files use the Basic QoS Mode but the DSCP to Queue are settings modified.
Please check your current configuration and set them to the same as show in this guide.

  1. QoS Mode: Basic MODE

  2. On the QoS Basic Mode / Global settings the Trust Mode should be : DSCP

  3. By default these are the DSCP to Queue settings, we will change that.
  4. Change the DSCP to Queue Settings as shown in the following picture and click apply to apply the new settings to the current running configuration :
  5. Once you click apply the following appears at the top of the DSCP to Queue window.

    Click on the Copy/Save Configuration link to go directly to the save configuration page.

  6. Save your settings from Running Configuration to Startup Configuration (click apply to save).

    That will then apply the current settings to the start up configuration witch will be run every time the switch reboots.
    In other terms that makes that configuration to become permanent.



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