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Those motherboards are not available anymore, but you may still download their installation guides.
Click on the model to access its installation guide.


MacBookPro 13inch Iris late 2016

Windows 10
ASRockZ270 Pro4Windows 7 SP1
Windows 10
ASRockZ270M Pro4Windows 7 SP1
Windows 10
ASUSZ170M-PLUSWindows 7 SP1
ASUSP8Z77-M PROWindows 7 SP1
ASUSP8Z77-VWindows 7 SP1
IntelDQ87PGWindows 7 SP1
IntelDQ77MK  Windows 7 SP1
GigabyteGA-Z170X-UD3Windows 7 SP1
Windows 10
GigabyteGA-Z97M-DS3HWindows 7 SP1
Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H Windows 7 SP1
GigabyteGA-Z87X-D3HWindows 7 SP1

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