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Horus - Hapi
Auto sampling rate detection with MADI is implemented since Firmware
If you are running a previous firmware version, please update to or above.

Auto sampling rate detection is available since Firmware - Deployment firmware.

Problem :

Your Horus/ Hapi / Hapi MKII does not sync to the incoming MADI signal :


  • Go in I/O & Sync page and make sure that MADI signal is detected, the presence LED must be blue.

  • If the MADI signal is not detected, verify that you have selected the required MADI input, Coax (BNC) or Optical, in Setup > Modules page, as well as the Framing (Legacy or HiSpeed frame).

  • If the signal is detected but the Horus / Hapi still can't sync, select the sampling rate manually in Setup > Format, and make sure you disable the "Auto" option.