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According to IEEE1588-2008, the PTP Master can be elected via its priority value.

To access Merging devices PTP settings, open the device advanced pages > PTP Tab.

PTP Priority value :
1 is the highest priority, 255 the lowest one.
Merging devices are by default using Priority 127 when set as PTP Master and 255 when PTP slave

  • PTP Domain : allow to define a specific PTP domain, usually when several PTP masters are required in the same network (default value for Merging devices and programs is 0).

    Supported since :
    MassCore : Pyramix V11.1.5 / Ovation 7.1.5
    Ravenna ASIO : V12
    Merging Audio Device : V1.0
    ALSA : V1.0
    CoreAudio / Virtual Audio Device : 2.0.37746
    Horus - Hapi : firmware v 3.9.2

  • To modify the PTP setting, you must first tick the "Manual" checkbox.
  • Priority 1 is the main priority value.
  • Priority 2 is only used if the other parameters do not allow to elect a PTP master.
  • Class - Delay Mech. - Announce - Sync : those values should NOT be modified
  • Slave only  : forces the Merging device to always be PTP slave.

Example :

To set the PTP priorities on a network :
A: Main Master priority 
B: Secondary Master priority (if Main Master device fails)
C: Other devices priority

Priorities should be set as A < B < C
C should probably be 128, but as some devices may no have a manual PTP priority, it could be even lower.

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