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On Mac OS, you can use the LTC in and out coming from your Horus or Hapi device.


SUB D15 Sync breakout cable (CON-D15-VTC)

 Plug the Sub D15 Sync cable on your Horus/Hapi

  1. Plug your LTC input and or output on this cable
  2. Run the Audio MIDI Setup > Window > Show MIDI Studio
  3. Double click on the 'Network' device to create a new Session, named for example : yourdevicename_MTC

  4. Select as Participant yourdevicename_LTC_In or LTC_Out by selecting it in Directory and clicking 'Connect'
  5. Close Audio MIDI Setup application.

    Select the new MTC sessions you've created in your favorite DAW.
    For example in Pro Tools, be sure to have the Apple MIDI Sessions enabled in Setup > MIDI Input Devices, then go under Setup > Peripherals > Synchronization > MTC Reader Port / MTC Generator port