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Due to the "Meltdown and Spectre" Windows Update, Pyramix 11.0.6 / Ovation 7.0.6 is mandatory for MassCore users.
If for any reason you can't update to versions 11.0.6/7.0.6 >, do not install updates KB4056894, KB4056897 and any other following Important update such as KB4093113 / KB4093118 / KB4103718 / KB4284826 (as Windows update are cumulative)

If you use the Windows Defender antivirus, Merging recommends you still update it on a regular basis, for security purpose. 

Windows Update configuration

In Windows Search field, type GPEDIT.MSC
Right click on the gpedit.msc and select Run as Administrator.
Browse to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update
Double click on the Configure Automatic Updates in the right pane.

Set the update policy to 2 - Notify for download and notify for install


Hide an update

If you don't want Windows to propose you some specific updates, you can hide those updates.
Go in Windows Control Panel > Windows Update and click on the x update(s) available list.

In the available updates list, right click on the update you don't want to get and select Hide Update.


Uninstall an update 

Go in Windows Control Panel > Programs & Features then click on View Installed updates on the left pane.

Locate and select the update you want to remove in the list.
Then right click and select Uninstall 
Windows will uninstall the update, and you will need to reboot for the uninstall process to finish



Note: Windows 7 - Pyramix v11.1.4 and Ovation v7.1.4 MassCore Users

If you keep seeing this message despite having configured your Windows 7 system adequately please download and run the Key below to avoid having a warning message

  1. Download the file above
  2. Unzip
  3. launch the .reg key (confirm Run)
  4. Confirm with Yes
    The configuration error should no longer show afterwards