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When trying to open the Horus or Hapi / Hapi MKII / Anubis web page through MTDiscovery or ANEMAN, the page cannot be accessed.
Audio connections are working.

If you get a "DNS service browse fails error", please consult this page.  


The Bonjour service needs to be reinstalled.

  1. Close all Merging applications.
  2. Go in Windows Control > Programs & Features
    Select Bonjour in the list, then click on Uninstall.
    Follow the instructions on screen.
  3. Reboot your computer
  4. Download MT Discovery from Merging website
  5. Launch MTDiscovery installer.
    You will be prompted to install the Bonjour prerequisite.

    If Bonjour for Windows is not in the list, Bonjour is not properly uninstalled.
  6. Finish the installation of MT Discovery.
    You should now be able to access your device web page.

Alternative Solution

You can also access your Horus or Hapi device by typing its IP address, then port 80 (or 8080 in Maintenance mode)
Example : (standard mode) or (Maintenance mode)