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  • Pyramix 9.1 / Ovation 5.1 / VCube 5.1 or above required.
  • RTP-Midi software must be installed (see RTPMIDI website)

KissBox LTC/MTC transceiver - TC2TR Specifications

  1. Download and install KissBox Editor from KissBox website
  2. Launch KissBox Editor, and add your box (factory default IP address is
    For details, see KissBox Editor Manual
  3. Once your LTC/MTC box shows up in the editor, click on LTC/MIDI Setup.
  4. Configuration :

    -Application profile must be set to MacOSX-RTP Midi.
    (even if you want to use the KissBox with a Windows computer. The WinXP RTP-MIDI is reserved for an older driver made by KissBox)
    -Port Configuration can be left to default values.
    -Target IP address is not required
    -Full MTC midi message (sysex) for LTC Input can be turned on, both full or quarter frame MTC are supported by Ovation / PMX / VCUBE.
  5. Click on Upload to confirm the configuration.
  6. Start RTP Midi.
  7. If you don't have a session already, create one by clicking on the + icon under My Sessions section.
    Set the Local / Bonjour Name according to your needs, then enable the session.
  8. Depending of the KissBox version :
    If your KissBox firmware version is 5 or higher, the device will be discovered automatically and appear in the Directory section.
    If your KissBox firmware version is below 5, the device will have to be added manually:

    -Under the Directory section, click on the + icon
    -Enter a name then enter the KissBox IP address and its Control port, defined in KB Editor LTC/MIDI Setup page.
     By default
  9. Select the KB device in the Directory section, and click on Connect to add it to the Session participants.
  10. You can now start Pyramix, Ovation or VCube to use MTC.
    See user manuals for further details to use MTC.

Note : RTPMIDI do not properly always refresh, if you need to change your settings in RTPMIDI, you will have to restart the computer for the changes to apply.

KissBox limitations

  • KissBox do not support Multicast IP protocol
  • Supported frame rates : 30, 29.97, 25 & 24 fps (not 23.98)

  • Must be set on a separate network than the Ravenna/AES67 Network.
    (and must therefore be set on a different IP address range)