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In VCube, you can also use the LTC in and out coming from your Horus or Hapi device.


VCube 5.1.x or above required
SUB D15 Sync breakout cable (CON-D15-VTC)


  1. Plug your the Sub D15 Sync cable on your Horus/Hapi
  2. Plug your LTC input and or output on this cable
  3. Download and install RTP MIDI, that will allow to create Networked MIDI ports.
  4. Start RTP Midi 
  5. Create a new session, by clicking on the + icon under My Sessions section and enter a name (RAVENNA LTC in our example).
  6. In the Directory section, select both yourdevicename_LTC_In and LTC_Out and click on Connect to add it in the Particpants section.

  7. Start VCube
  8. In VCube, go in Settings > Formats&Sync> MIDI Timecode Input and click on its Settings button.
  9. Select the Apple MIDI Session you have create in RTP MIDI.
  10. Activate the Midi TimeCode Input
  11. Set the Chase TC Source to Midi TimeCode (MTC)


It is highly recommended to use a common video ref between Horus/Hapi and the other devices that will use the TimeCode.
Otherwise, the synchronization between the devices will drift over time.