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  • Merging Ravenna VAD Premium driver installed (V2.0.39648 or above)
  • Anubis connected to your computer network adapter


  1. Open the MacOS System Preferences

  2. Open the Merging RAVENNA/AES67 panel
  3. Select your Interface (Ethernet).
    If you only have one Ethernet adapter, it will be selected automatically,
    If several adapters are available, untick the Auto option and select the required network adapter.
    Tip : by default, the IP address will be 169,254,xxx,xxx, unless you are using a network switch.
    In that case, be aware that audio networking requires specific settings on switches.
    Merging has a tested and validated switch list, available on this page.

  4. Select the network Latency (also called framing).
    Please use the AES67 setting, as this setting must match with the one in your Anubis device
    (AES67 being the default value for Anubis, see Anubis Settings > General > Frame Mode > Latency)

  5. Safe Mode : Depending of the configuration in place, enabling this mode will ease up the play engine and could prevent some clicks from occurring.
    For this tutorial, you may leave the default value.

  6. Frequency : Default sampling rate. 
    Note that your DAW should be able to change the sampling rate automatically, this setting is only used for applications that can't change sampling rate.

  7. Follow DoP detection
    Identifies if the data stream provided by the application is DoP in that case the VAD is reconfigured in DSD.
    DSD currently not supported with Anubis.

  8. Set number of Inputs and Outputs.
    For the purpose of this tutorial, we will set 64 inputs and 64 outputs.
    Tip : Even if not used, inputs and outputs will use some resources.  Therefore we recommend you set the required number of IOs, but not more.

  9.  Each time you change a setting in this panel, the driver will stop and automatically restart.
    Wait for the Driver Running / PTP Locked status.

  10. Now you can start your DAW, and set it to use the Merging Ravenna/AES67 driver.