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  • AD8 - AD8P - AD8D - AD8DP

    Run 1 to Run8 : All firmware supported
    Run9 and above : firmware 3.0.3b27128 or above required

  • AKD8D - AKD8DP

    Firmware or above required
    Maintenance mode V37 required
  • ADA8

    Firmware 3.0.3 26178 or above required

  • DA8 - DA8P
    Run 1 to 6 : all firmware supported (Serial Number 80xxx)
    Run 7 and above: Firmware 3.0.3 26178 or above required (Serial Number 80xxx)
    Run 11 and above: Firmware or above required (Serial Number 85xxx)

  • PT-64

    Firmware 28137 or above required

    Click here for AD Cards Data Flow Diagram comparison

    Horus : when using more than 3 AD cards in a unit, a secondary power supply is required.


  • ADA8 and AKD8D/P can't be use with Pyramix V8.
  • Horus Firmware - 2.0.6 build 23165 is the last compatible with Pyramix V8.

  • Horus Firmware - 3.0.3 build 27128 .is compatible with ADA8 and Pyramix V9.


See also Mic preamp remote control for software remote control compatibility.


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