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Getting Started with the MERGING+CLOCK and your MERGING+NADAC


Update your MERGING+NADAC or MERGING+PLAYER to the latest firmware.
Please follow the procedure for your MERGING+NADAC or your MERGING+PLAYER

  1. Power up the MERGING+CLOCK at the back of the unit, the front panel will then be in standby mode (half lightened up).
    Press the Pyramid button to start the MERGING+CLOCK.

  2. Connect a BNC cable from the leftmost BNC connector of the CLOCK (labeled NADAC clock output) to the only BNC of the NADAC (labeled WC input).
    Note: Merging recommends the use of 75 Ohm BNC cables.

  3. Once connected to a NADAC through this connector, the CLOCK doesn't need any settings manipulating, just boot it up and wait for one hour of stabilization for the CLOCK-L and two hours for the CLOCK-U.
    This output provides a frequency that fits for any sampling rate used by NADAC or PLAYER own sources (like S/PDIF or AES, RAVENNA or internal Roon player) and doesn’t require the CLOCK to be adjusted accordingly.
    You have nothing else to do, just play anything back and it will automatically follow.
    The Sync indicator on the NADAC will automatically switch to WordClock.

Note: RAVENNA PTP Master Clock is not yet supported

MERGING+CLOCK and other devices

  1. The two 10MHz outputs can be used as a synchronization source for many digital Hi-End devices.
    Same procedure applies, the Clock sampling rate does not need to be adjusted, just boot your MERGING+CLOCK and warm it up.
  2. WordClock outputs might be connected to other equipment as a synchronization source.
    In that case, the frequency has to be manually set on the front panel of the CLOCK:

    -Select the base frequency with the 44 or 48 button, then press the Arrow button, then wait 5 seconds for the setting to apply internally.
    -Select the multiplier ratio with the + or - buttons, then press the Arrow button, then wait 5 seconds for the setting to apply internally.
     x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 to reach 44.1, 88.2, 176.4, 352.8, 705.6 or 48, 96, 192, 384, 768

    Note: Both the base rate 44/48 and the multiplier x1...x8 can be modified at the same time and then pressing the Arrow button once after.