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Can the MERGING+CLOCK be used with Horus or Hapi?

Yes, you can use the NADAC CLOCK output along Horus and Hapi as of Firmware 3.9.3b38957 and above.
For Horus and Hapi running previous firmware versions, you can use any of the standard WC output.

What is the difference between MERGING+CLOCK-L and MERGING+CLOCK-U ?

MERGING+CLOCK-L: The Low Noise edition, offers extraordinary accuracy with a frequency stability of +/-50ppb.
MERGING+CLOCK-U: The Ultra-Low Noise edition, offers the almost unbelievable figure of +/-20ppb.

The sampling rate on my MERGING+NADAC / MERGING+PLAYER may display a different sampling rate that the one displayed on the MERGING+CLOCK  ?

This is exactly the point of the NADAC dedicated output of the CLOCK (left most connector). This output provides a frequency that fits for any sampling rate used by NADAC and doesn’t require the CLOCK to be adjusted accordingly.
The CLOCK display shows its internal sampling rate setting, while NADAC display shows its internal SR setting. They can be different, but the special CLOCK output for NADAC allows for a perfect lock anyhow.

Does the MERGING+CLOCK sampling rate follow the MERGING+NADAC / MERGING+PLAYER sampling rate ?

No, it is independent.  Again, the special CLOCK output for NADAC allows for a perfect synchronization, without the need to adjust any sampling rate.

However the MERGING+NADAC and MERGING+PLAYER do follow the sampling rate of their own sources, S/PDIF, AES, RAVENNA and from the internal PLAYER Roon Core.

When listening to an AES or SPDIF source, is the MERGING+CLOCK synchronization used ?

No, to avoid any drift or synchronization error, the AES or SPDIF source is automatically used to synchronize your MERGING+NADAC/MERGING+PLAYER.
In such case, connect the MERGING+CLOCK to your AES or SPDIF source (and set such device to use the Clock synchronization).
And even if your AES or SPDIF source has no possibility to synchronize on an external WC, you may still listen to this source without any glitch.

Why is the RAVENNA indicator (RVN) on the MERGING+CLOCK always off ?

The RAVENNA PTP Master clock is not yet supported, that is normal.

Which kind of BNC cable should be used to connect the MERGING+CLOCK outputs ?

Merging recommends the use of 75 Ohm BNC cables.

How should I set the MERGING+NADAC / NADAC+PLAYER WCK Termination setting (System Menu) ?

The WCK Termination setting can be left to its default value (ON).

What is the output impedance of the MERGING+CLOCK ?

The two 10MHz outputs do have a 50 Ohm impedance

The other outputs (NADAC Clock and Wordclock) are low impedance and can be used to feed clock inputs with impedance ranging from 50 Ohm to High impedance.