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When Dante devices are connected to a Cisco switch configured with the Merging configuration file, an additional configuration step is required.

Dante AES67 users have to add IP Multicast Groups :

Once the configuration file has been applied, and the switch has been rebooted.

  • Connect to the Cisco Administration page (default address with Merging configuration file is
  • Make sure the Display Mode of the Cisco Administration page is set to Advanced
  • Browse to Multicast > IP Multicast Group Address and click on Add. 
  • Enter VLAN ID 1 (assuming you have 1 VLAN) and enter as IP Multicast Group Address.
    Click on Apply.
  • Now select the Group and click on Details.
    Set the ports connected to Dante devices to Static and click on Apply.
  • Repeat the same operation for addresses, and

    (Example with Dante devices on port 9-10).