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  • Pyramix 25th Anniversary uses the same MassCore/RTX64 key as Pyramix v12.0 but requires new 25th Anniversary Merging keys.
  • For installation information refer to the Pyramix 25th Anniversary installation guide
  • Custom installation not recommended, under certain scenario some components will not install correctly (registration dll error).
  • Pyramix 25th anniversary Projects are not backward compatible with previous Pyramix versions, users must perform a “Save Special as v. xx” in order to open such project in Pyramix v.xx.
  • Pyramix projects with v10/v11/v12/25th Bus layout/Structure cannot be saved within a Save Special v9.0 project. A warning message will prevent you from doing so.
  • All of the Mixer Amibsonic components cannot be saved within a Save Special v11.1 project, as Ambisonic was not supported at that time.
  • Ambisonic decoders only decode to Virtual Rooms with standard channel types and positions. If a custom room is needed, then they need to first decode to a standard bus, having speakers as close as possible to the custom room, then send that bus into the custom bus through a GPS strip.
  • Saved projects with some tracks unmuted (so that audio plays) will open with all tracks Muted. You are most probably using a Source/Destination project or Template Pyramix where all Track
    Groups are set to Auto-Solo, Auto-Mute or both by default. With both settings enabled at project loading time no track is selected by default and all track groups are then muted.
  • The default record format at project creation was changed from PMF to BWF for recovery and compliance reasons, users that wishes to use PMF can still do so.
  • Waves plugins users running with an NVidia graphic card should make sure that they have the Threaded Optimization OFF, if set to ON it may cause issue with Waves VST plugins.
    Refer to link here:
  • Background Recorder will record in the last mounted folder if no folder was selected when engaging the Background Record
  • PMX111-19: Generate CD Image' 'Digital Release' 'Album publishing' with more than 99 index not supported (Redbook limitation)
  • PMX111-71: Mixer: Losing metering if rebuilding a Mixer if the Delay Compensation is OFF
    Workaround: Put Delay Compensation ON or do a second Mixer Rebuild.
  • PMX111-147: FXRendering using plugin's such as RX6 De-Click from Izotope can cause a Pyramix Freeze/Crash in preview (reported to iZotope)
  • PMX111-184: Mixer: BusTool and Strip tool incoherency when added or moved in Mixer, rebuild mixer or scroll to update UI accordingly
  • Final Check Metering: Not supported under DXD and limited to 6 channels.
  • Fixed cursor mode not recommended for realtime playback editing
  • Black magic Design ASIO driver can conflict with ASIO4ALL, causing VS3 Control Panel to crash. 
  • Windows 7 MassCore users could see a Configuration warning message despite having correctly configured their system.
    In such case follow procedure at end of this page
  • 25th anniversary Libraries format are not compatible with older Pyramix release as v7.1.  
    Save as v7.1 is available in the Library menu.
  • Pyramix has a warning message of “Not Enough Streams available”.
    This happens when reaching the maximum record inputs available. In such case we recommend that you reduce your inputs number count or disable the Background Recorder that are consuming inputs.
    If  afterwards you get a constant Message Box “Re-activating Project” at each Playback start, close and re-open your project to avoid this. 
    Be aware that under the VS3 Control Panel if you have enable the Secondary Device/ASIO bridge or Rewire active, you will consume Streams, disable this option if not in use.
  • Pyramix Multi channel PreAmps support
    Multichannel MCS strips do not support the PreAmps control but VCA strips does.
    Make sure that you install the latest Horus / Hapi Firmware for proper communication.

  • Mixer Automation Bus Aux Send. 
    We advise that users do not automate the ON/OFF of Buses Aux Send and instead simply automate the Gain of the Aux. As this could cause Delay Compensation issue.

  • 25th anniversary project containing General Buses layout/Structure cannot be saved within a Save Special v9.0 project.
    Pyramix 25th anniversary project containing the General Buses layout/Structure cannot be saved within a Save Special v9.0 project as warning message will prevent you from doing so.

  • For VST plugin support look under the 3rd party software page if you have issues with some specific plugin Third-Party Software

  • Mono Legacy Bus conversion
    Legacy Bus conversions. Due to the architecture of the new busses, mono mix busses are now converted into Mono Aux busses and not anymore to Mono Mix busses as Mix busses have no gain control.

  • Pyramix Video
    Video Wrap dialog hidden at times, user must use the ALT key to bring it top most.
    Pyramix video consolidate is not supported.
    Pyramix video might not following when using the nudge (<>) option.
    With Blackmagic Design cards a reverse playback may introduce an offset delay.
    With Blackmagic Design cards the delay might not be correct when chasing without stopping first.

  • PMF in Mixdown
    PMF File format was removed from the Mixdown formats as of Pyramix v11.1 due to compliance issues. As of Pyramix v11.1 our recommendations are:

    • For Recording: as of Pyramix v11.1 the default record format is BWF, for compliance reasons

    • For Mixdown: MTFF is recommended

    • For Album Publishing: Formats of your choice through Digital Release for better signal flow

    • For Render: We recommend rendering in the original format or to PMF or MTFF. The  DSDIFF is not recommended.