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The Merging Audio Device WDM Bridge.

After the Merging Audio Device installation, a new Windows audio device is available, and set as your default Windows output device.
The WDM Bridge can only be configured as a 2  or 8 channels device.
All Windows system sounds and application will be outputted on the Merging Audio Device.

  • Change the default Windows Audio device.
    Go in Windows Settings > System > Sound, and simply select the required audio device in the Choose your output device field.
  • Remove all Windows system sounds
    Go in Windows Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Sounds tab
    Set the Sound Scheme to None.

Windows 10 Advanced sound options

Windows 10 allows you to set specific audio devices to applications.
For example, this allows you to use Merging Audio Device WDM for media players applications, and have Windows System sounds on another device.
Go in Windows Settings > System > Sound and select Advanced sound options to configure the applications Outputs and Inputs (if relevant).
The application must be started to be displayed in this page.

352.8 / 384 kHz Support

Compatible Windows applications :

Foobar2000Please use the foobar WASAPI plugin.  
See this page for download and installation instructions 
iTunes for Windows
AIMP Audio Player
Jriver Media PlayerPlease use the WASAPI output mode (Tools > Options > Audio Device > Output Merging Audio Device WASAPI
Firefox allows website like Youtube to playback 352.8/384 kHz
VLC Please set VLC audio output mode to Waveout (Tools > Preferences > Audio > Output Module)
Please user VLC version 3.0.10 (or above) - previous versions may crash when starting playback.
Such option is not available in VLC Microsoft Store app, please use the desktop version

Applications NOT compatible for 352.8 / 384 kHz sampling rate on WDM : 
Quicktime - Windows Media Player - Windows Groove Music / Films & TV - Google Chrome - Microsoft Edge - Spotify App (workaround : use Spotify web player with Firefox browser) 

Video and Audio sync

If you use the NADAC with MAD and listen to video it is important that you set the NADAC Playout setting to Pro mode in order to have the Video and Audio in sync.
Go to the NADAC System page and under Playout Delay select PRO mode.

Video and Audio should now properly be aligned. If you also use NADAC in parallel with Anubis then PRO mode is also recommended.