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  • 1. Make sure you have connected Anubis, Hapi or Horus from its Ethernet RAVENNA/AES67 port to your system network interface.
    Note: Follow the Interface User Manual guidelines if required
  • 2. Install ANEMAN* and launch it or launch the Merging MT Discovery
  • Download the Latest ANEMAN here
    3. Select your MERGING+ANUBIS, HAPI or HORUS in the ANEMAN World view or Device view and perform a Mouse + Right click on the device icon.


MT Discovery

The same can be done form the MT Discovery

  • 4. select the Advanced entry

  • 5. This will open the Advanced Pages in your Browser
  • 7. Go to the Advanced Pages Debug Tab
  • 6. Select the Get Report button (as per image below)

  • 7. Save the DeviceName_report.bin file on your local disk
  • 8. Send your Debug Report to