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Your Hapi MK II is not displayed in Aneman.


  • Please make sure your Hapi MKII is fully started, and that it is correctly connected to your computer with a CAT5E Ethernet cable, preferably on the Hapi Primary port.
    Network adapters LEDs should be active on both the Hapi and the computer should be active.
  • Verify that your computer runs ANEMAN 1.3.0 and higher (MacOS - Windows)
    If you need to update, please first uninstall Aneman and reboot your computer before installing the updated version.
    Please download from
  • Make sure your computer network adapter connected to the Hapi has a properly configured IP address.
    Please consult this page for further details on IP addresses configuration
  • Make sure that you are running the latest certified firmware : downloads
    Verify your Hapi firmware version by going to the Hapi Setup menu and open the System info page to verify the firmware version installed.
    Users can also verify the firmware by opening ANEMAN or MTDiscovery and rolling the mouse pointer over the MkII icon.

    Update Procedure
    1) Right click on the Hapi from MT Discovery or ANEMAN and select “Maintenance Page”
    Note: Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Safari is not recommended.
    2)Click on Select File, and browse to the downloaded Hapi MKIIfirmware.
    3) Do not abort the Firmware Update at anytime, until completion and until the “Reboot” message shows up.

    All details on the upgrade procedure can be found in the Hapi MkII User manual.