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For Surround and Multichannel, can one use the Anubis Headphones outputs for additional speakers?

Strictly speaking Anubis was designed and is marketed to offer 4 channels of Line Outputs. This said, it is not prohibited to use additionally the 4 channels offered by the two Headphone Outputs, these are however Unbalanced, so additional unbalanced -> balanced circuitry may be required depending of the target’s input design.
Either use each of the two Anubis Headphones with balanced circuitry for 5.1 Surround Monitoring, or use each of the Headphones in unbalanced mode to achieve up to 7.1 Surround Monitoring, you could also use one of the Headphones to have 5.1 (with 2 unbalanced outputs).
The Anubis Monitoring Mission gives you all the flexibility to route and adjust those if they were to be added to a Monitoring set, it can all be done with ease.

Note: You can use Anubis along with another Merging interface on your RAVENNA/AES67 network, such as Horus, Hapi or a second Anubis and use their additional Outputs for multichannel and have Anubis control all of those channels. Using AES67 compliant Speaker sets can also be a solution for surround monitoring (such as the Genelec 8430).

Does Anubis support Ambisonics speaker array for immersive audio?

Anubis is planned to be able to decode Ambisonic sources (from 1st to 7th order) to a given set of standard speaker sets.

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