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How-to configure MERGING+NADAC with Jriver on Windows OS.


The MERGING+NADAC ASIO driver is installed and configured
JRiver Media Center is installed

Step-by-step guide


  1. Start JRiver Media Center.
  2. Click on the Tools drop down menu, and select Options.

  3. Under  Audio Device, select MERGING RAVENNA ASIO diver.
  4. Under Settings, in order to play DSD without conversion and get the best quality, select Bitstreaming:YES (DSD) 

  5. Click on Device settings and set the Buffering.  Use the 50 milliseconds recommended setting.
    If you experience clicks and drops, you may increase the buffer.
    Click OK to close the window.
  6. Click on DSP & output format under Settings.
    Set Output Encoding to None.
    In the Sampling rate table, set all Input sampling rates to No change, except for Less than 44,100 Hz, that should be set to 44,100 Hz.
    Close this setting window.

    Note: DSD256 is the highest file type MERGING+NADAC is able to play.

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