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How to configure your MERGING+NADAC with Audirvana?


The MERGING+NADAC CoreAudio driver is installed and configured
Audirvana + is installed

Step-by-step guide

    1. Start Audirvana Plus.

    2. At first start you will see this  this panel :

      You have to select the audio interface : MERGING+NADAC

    3. It starts:

    4. Disable iTunes Integrated mode in Audirvana Plus drop down menu.
    5. Open Preferences in Audirvana Plus drop down menu.

    6. In Audio System tab  (click on the picture below for details):
      Preferred Audio Device :
      Native DSD Compatibility :
      Automatic detection ( Audirvana V2.2.4.3 or above required)
      Low level playback options :
      Exclusive access mode have to be checked
      WarningExclusive access mode should be disabled on some systems, as it is known to potentially consume a great load of memory. It can cause audio drop outs when used at high samplling rate.
      Direct Mode and Integer mode have to be unchecked
      Maximum Memory allocated :

      Around 120 mn @44.1kHz

    7. In Audio Filters tab :
      Forced Upsampling should be set to none.

    8. In Audio Volume tab :
      Volume Control type must be set  to DAC only