When Windows shuts down, it closes all running programs and services.
If some programs and services takes too long to shut down, Windows kills all remaining processes, which is not supported by MassCore.
Several improvements have been introduced since Pyramix 10.1 / Ovation 6.1, please update to such version (or above) if possible.

Please also consult this page for MassCore incompatibilities with third party software or hardware.

If you don't have any of the incompatible software or hardware installed, if you are already running Pyramix 10.2/11.0 or Ovation 6.2/7.0  and still have blue screen when shutting down Windows:

To enable the Minidump, do the following under Windows 7 or Windows 10:
1) Go to the Control Panel, choose 'System', and then click the 'Advanced System Settings' link.
2) In the opened window, click the 'Advanced' tab and then inside the 'Startup And Recovery' frame, click the 'Settings' button.
3) In the opened 'Startup And Recovery' window,  there is 'Write Debugging Information' section. You should set the combo-box in this section to 'Small memory dump', and then click 'ok' to confirm the change.

Next time you reproduce the problem do the following:
1) Go in C:/Windows/System32/Minidump folder and collect the latest dump files
2) Do a Belarc report of your computer (www.belarc.com), and save the page as HTML
3) Send those files to support@merging.com

If ever the Minidump folder is empty, go in C:/Windows/System32 and locate MEMORY.DMP file.
As this file can be quite big, please send this file and the Belarc report to support@merging.com with DropBox, WeTransfer or FTP.