To be sure to update to a Windows 10 version compatible with MassCore. Please refer to this page for the latest information 

Merging recommends you do a backup of your important datas before such upgrade !

  1. If Windows Updates are configured to donwload or notify to download, it will first ask to update your Windows 7, please select "Not right now"
  2. Accept the licence terms
  3. Select Upgrade this PC now
  4. Depending on your Windows version / Windows Product Key, you may need to enter a Windows 10 activation key.
  5. Once the Windows 10 is ready to be deployed on your computer, you can configure if you want to keep your files.

    Click on Install, the computer will need to restart several times to install Windows 10

Merging highly recommends you Defer the Windows updates.
See this page to defer Windows updates on Windows 10.

This tool does not work for Windows Enterprise editions.