• A Roon license.
  • Roon Remote (iOS / Android) or Roon (Windows / MacOS) installed.
  • Internet connection, as both Roon and the DAC requires an internet connection for their updates, and Roon requires an internet connection for its licensing mechanism.

To play directly from your computer, see NADAC Network

Warning: Strongly suggest wired networking for serious streaming (Gigabit mandatory) avoid Powerline Network.


Networked connection

Find here below our recommendations in order to have the MERGING+PLAYER on your Home network (NAS with audio files, internet, PCs, Macs) and get a WIFI remote.

Many Home routers still uses 10/100 Mbps network connection, which is usually sufficient for standard internet connections.
But RAVENNA Network requires 1 Gb network, to guarantee full quality and reliability of the audio streams.
In that case using an additional network switch ensures there will be no bandwidth bottleneck. 


  1. Get your Ethernet cable that was shipped along with your MERGING+PLAYER 
    Note: Merging certification is done with CAT5E or CAT6 cable at minimum. You can use your own Ethernet cable if they match at least our minimum recommendations
  2. Connect your Ethernet cable to the back Ethernet connector of your MERGING+PLAYER
  3. Connect the other end of your Ethernet cable directly to your Network Gigabit router of Network Gigabit switch 
  4. Connect your PC/MAC Ethernet interface to your Network Gigabit router of Network Gigabit switch 
    Connect your iOS / Android to Network Gigabit router of Network Gigabit switch if it is equipped with WIFI.
  5. Power on the MERGING+PLAYER and launch Roon (Windows / MacOS) or Roon Remote (iOS / Android) in order to establish the connection.
    If it is the first time you start Roon, you will have to enter your license.  See Roon website for further details.


MERGING+PLAYER on your home Gigabit Router

Connected to your home Gigabit Router, the PLAYER should have a direct access to the internet connection.


Multi-Zone and Multiple Sources 

For this kind of configuration, make sure you use one of the validated network switch.


MERGING+PLAYER remote control (WIFI)

To be able to control your MERGING+PLAYER with the NADAC App, a WIFI connection between the PLAYER and control device is required.
Nowadays router are usually equipped with WIFI capability.   If that is not the case, you have to add a Wireless Access Point on your home router, or a network switch with WIFI capability.

See our Remote Control section here.


Media player configuration

Once the MERGING+NADAC is plugged and the Windows (ASIO) or Mac (Core Audio) driver is installed, please see the Media Players configuration page.


Network Configuration and tips